Guide Step-by-Step how to download our software TOTALLY FREE!!!! is proud to offers you a great chance to download any type of hacks, codes and keys for free. For download them, you need to complete a simple surveys, but don’t worry! It’s easier than you think! Below is a step by step process of the best way to complete and unlock downloads from our affilites survey sites.

Why do a survey?

We put survey for 2 important issues:
Firstly, all of the file uploaded here has been password protected due to leechers. Those who complete a short offer (1~5 minutes) will be able to get the password download instantly, as soon as they complete a short survey.
All of the offers are FREE.
Secondly, because we want to use only secure and trusty servers but it’s expensive and until our hacks are for free – we should add surveys.
But doing surveys is very easy, you should only know what to do.

Tips on getting the offer:

  1. Disable any Ad-Blockers
  2. Click on an offer, and complete it with 100% legitimate information.
  4. If you do all the above steps correctly, the download will unlock.
  5. If the download does not unlock, restart these steps and try again with a different survey.
  6. For some tips get a look at the videos below, where were explained some website to help you generate fresh e-mail and legitimate informations.


Some trick to complete a survey without putting personal infos:

  1. Go to and generate a Fake Name for your country. FakeNameGenerator is legal and accurate, the informations it generates are considered real by surveys hosters. (Video at page’s bottom)
  2. Choose a survey that requires your informations and submit the fake informations.
  3. Once the survey finishes, you will unlock the download!
  4. Enjoy IT!

How to complete surveys video:

Guide to FakeNameGenerator:

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